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A Few Words...

A highly regarded photographer for international architects describes Christopher and his work by saying, "He always brings so much vitality to his work. Vitality defines him. He loves life and it bubbles out of him as if carbonated and given a good shake. Very inspiring. His work is excellent, the pictures perfectly composed."

Christopher has been involved in the creative field of professional design and photography for many years and is skilled in helping guide client ideas from concept to successful completion with his knowledge, enthusiasm and considerable 'people' skills. His thinking eye looks over several fields of photography; architecture, interiors, editorial, people photography of all kinds, just as he is experienced in many aspects of creative arts and design.

Images on this website give examples of many years of experience which have lead to successful projects in the editorial, corporate, travel and architectural fields in North and South America, Europe and The Caribbean.

"Not only is Christopher a gifted architectural photographer, he also has the ability to make his animate subjects feel at ease with flexibility, approachability, and creativity, each of which he possesses in droves. The resulting images are beautifully composed and teeming with life."

As Christopher once said to me... "I don't think of either my professional or personal life as 'work'... both are about the enjoyment of - and the attention I pay to them. When I do this, the results simply take care of themselves."


Asked by a potential client why they need to invest in top class photography - Christopher gave the simple answer: "Pictures Sell Products". It really is that simple. The 'product' might be hotel rooms, commercial buildings, corporate executive portraits, editorial projects, interiors or product photography for e-commerce. Website, brochure, print and advertising are so dependent on captivating, informative and entertaining images. No matter the subject, the image needs to convey the feeling of being in the building, talking with the personality or holding an object in your hand. Christopher offers these photographs as examples of his enthusiastic approach to life and the images it offers.


Christopher has made photography of retail shopping malls and international shopping centers something of a speciality over the years.  A selection of images displaying this particular skill can be viewed here.

Christopher enjoys connection with things spiritual and for many years has provided a free service of sending 'the dailes' to a subscribed list. These daily messages consist of an image and brief thoughts to start the day.

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Professional Affiliations: 

CAPIC - The Canadian Association of Professional Image Creators
AIAP - Association of Independent Architectural Photographers
REPAI - Real Estate Estate Photographers of American & International



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